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Fathers Day Gifting Guide: For Dads Too Cool For Cufflinks

Dads are pretty amazing right, what ever form they come in, whether it be step dads, foster dads, grandads, dog dads, friends dads, and just humans you've adopted as your dad because they're awesome! My dads pretty incredible, he's always on the end of the phone, for ecstatic highs and shitty lows, when my engine light comes on, when I ran out of cash for the rent bill, when I call him up to tell him we've had another order and he's just as excited as I am! They're there for it all. But when it comes to fathers day, I struggle to find something amongst the tat in the shops that actually reflects him and how grateful I am for everything that he does. So this year I've decided to put together a fathers day giving guide for dads that are way too cool for cufflinks and printed no.1 dad mugs! And what's even better? All of these bloody awesome gifts are from small businesses! Enjoy and get purchasing!

1) Pallet Style

Does your dad love a DIY? I was brought up taking nails out of pallet boards and salvaged plywood sheets for my dad to get creative in the house (probably explains where I am now!) Our book Pallet style is great for dads who love DIY or love to reuse, upcycle and reinvent! There's a wide range of projects available from easy peasy to more tricky and you don't need a wide range of tools to create them! If nothing else, this book is great for inspiration for future projects. Order via our website here, we will also sign your book, so if you'd like a special message, leave it in the notes section when checking out!

2) The Stay At Home Picnic

Is your dad a lover of family time and experiences over things? Then we have just the thing for you! Our new Stay At Home Picnic has been super popular since launching in collaboration with The White Emporium and we have a few slots left for fathers day! Delivered to Northampton or Bedford locally, our Stay At Home Picnic includes the furniture and prop set up as well as the option to add Gourmet Dinner Lady's amazing Gentleman's Brunch Platter (exclusively for fathers day), a bell tent hire from FM Tents and wine and cocktails from Ruby & Claret. To book get in touch ( or see more here.

3) Oh My Cakery!

Oh my! indeed! The best brownie, treat and cake boxes making the perfect gift, even If you will secretly be hoping dad will share! These little boxes of gold can also be sent in the post! Meaning if you can't be with your dad on fathers day, you can still make it special! Choose between their amazing range of Oh My Postables or go all out with a full on decorative brownie! See more of this sweet sweet joy here. P.s be quick or miss out!

4) Earthen Face Mugs

Forget No.1 Dad printed mugs, your dad's far too rock and roll for that! These handmade mugs, planters, bowls and vessels are just the best and have heaps of personality and character! Whats even better? These mugs are individually sculpted completely by hand in Norfolk! These are in huge demand so get in quick before they sell out. Purchase yours from Earthen Face Etsy Store or follow them on instagram for more. Our mug is our fav piece in our cupboard and used daily!

5) Wooden Hill Coffee and Liquor.

Pair your Earthen Face mug with this truly awesome coffee from Wooden Hill. Their coffee is hand roasted in Bedfordshire using fairtrade beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombria and Honduras, medium roasted to create a smooth, easy drinking coffee. Whether your dads fix is an espresso, straight up filter coffee, latte or beyond, this brand should be top of your gifting guide! If coffee is still not hitting the spot, why not try their cold brew coffee liqueur! Although we wouldn't recommend this for breakfast, unless its the weekend of course ; ) Grab your coffee from Wooden Hill's online store and their liqueur from Wharf Distillery.

6) Reclaimed Serving Tray

Its all coming together now! Breakfast in bed on our reclaimed serving tray, wooden hill coffee in hand, served in an Earthen Face mug, Pallet Style on the reading list and a Stay at Home Picnic for lunch! Our reclaimed serving tray comes in two forms, made, created, wrapped up and delivered ready for use or as our popular DIY kits for the creative who doesn't want to spend all day taking pallets apart! See our serving trays here or DIY kits here.

7) Reclaimed Laptray's

Because sometimes all a dad needs is control of the remote and a TV dinner! Our reclaimed lap trays are handmade in our workshop and studio in Northamptonshire and include a wooden reclaimed top and bean bag cushion base. Billy and I gifted these to both sets of parents at Christmas and can confirm they went down a treat! Shop yours here.

8) Twenty Seven Palms London

Just when you think your choice is hard enough, we bring you TwentySevenPalms! Their range of cushions will have you swooning and reaching for your bank card with the best and most unusual fabric, there really is a cushion cover for everyone on their online shop! This tattoo cushion cover is one of our favs and now sits pride of place on our narrowboat sofa! Shop their collection here.

9) Bath Boards

Because escaping behind the locked bathroom door isn't just a mum thing! Dads deserve wine in the bath too! Our bath boards come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your needs. Check out our NEW Book Lovers bath board which will also hold an iPad or kindle for those all important series catch ups! If you have a special request for your bath board, maybe tealights isn't your dads thing? Get in touch and we can personalise it to suit you! Complete our bath board with these gorgeous wine glasses from Sally Day Stationary...

10) Hustle Gin

Everyone loves a nice gin, especially as the warmer nights creep in! Treat your dad to this gorgeous gin made in Northamptonshire to enjoy in the garden on sunny Sundays! With a range of flavours available there is sure to be something for everyone! Can't make your mind up? Go for their Hustle Experience and try all 3!

You can order your Hustle Gin via their online shop here. Love their bottle? We (at Nikkita Palmer Designs) actually designed the branding for this fab small business!

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