Ever since I was a child I've always wanted to make. I remember keeping everything from scraps of fabric and industrial letter stamps to jam jars of rusty nails. Growing up in a family with little money, car boot sales, skip dives and auctions were the norm and something I grew to love in my early twenties. After travelling through the education system, holding a tight grasp on my creativity, I went on to study a degree in Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University, graduating with a 1st class honours and having learnt a lot about myself, design and what sharing a flat with three boys is like. My work developed in an unusual way during my time there, resulting in a final collection of interior surfaces, created using sustainable materials such as woods, concretes and recycled acrylic. After graduating, I started my first freelance job as a personal design assistant (a.k.a. right hand women) to upcycling expert Max Mcmurdo.


 I now run Nikkita Palmer Designs with my partner Billy, we provide a bespoke design service to the retail, commercial and domestic interior industry. We work with clients across the UK on a personal level to achieve their creative vision, providing bespoke furniture, branding and display pieces. We regularly work on a project basis, managing everything from sourcing to manufacturing but are also willing to work on a one off commission basis. 

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Award Winning Wedding Prop Hire
Award Winning Wedding Prop Hire