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6 Crafts to help your Mental Health!

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Hello Lovely’s!

Tuesday was Positive media day, in support of this we’re celebrating crafts which help encourage a healthier happier head :)

Craft has been used as a prescription to patients with anxiety and physical ailments since the late 19th century. Soldiers used basketry to relieve the mental strains from WW1 and similar techniques are still used today.

Well, no more ramble, let’s get on so you can start your creative #helpingmymentalhealth journey!


First up is DIYing yourself your own terrarium; in short this is a self-sufficient eco-system, that generates clean breathable air, helping us to clear our heads and proven to reduce stress levels.

Terrariums also match one of the largest trends this year! Biophilic design is a concept which brings the outdoors inside. Think houseplants, greenery, garden walls and more.

Having nature inside does wonders for mental health, it is proven to improve your concentration and productivity by 15%! – perfect for your at home office.

Green Fingered Boy (@thegreenfingeredboy) makes his own terrariums and sells DIY kits you can purchase and start your #helpingmymentalhealth journey right now.

Head over to his social media and website now to read more about how biophilic design can help benefit your mental health at home and at work.


Love rhythm? This is the perfect craft to help you with your anxiety.

The rhythm of knitting promotes the release of serotonin in your body. A chemical transmitter that helps to regulate anxiety, happiness, and your mood.

Why not order some knitting needles and give it a go?

If you want to give yourself a challenge, why not head over to our website and grab yourself a copy of our book Pallet Style and check out our sustainable recycled t-shirt yarn, giant knitting project with your very own giant handmade knitting needles.


Painting is a type of expression. People can express through the things they paint and how they do it. Studies from Harvard show that people using painting as an outlet can help relieve depression, anxiety and even cancer. It has also been linked to better memory improvement, reasoning, and resilience in healthy older people.

Something Less Boring (@somethinglessboring) hold many arrays of painting classes you can partake in. The variety going from kids sports and crafts, to pub live lessons. You can be a newbie or advanced in your knowledge of painting, everyone is welcome!

Sallie one of Something Less Boring’s clients tells us:

“I had drawn/painted very little over the past 40 years or so, and never touched watercolours, so it was complete delight to join you on a cold dark winter’s evening and be transported to an ethereal world of poppies, bees, summer meadows, oranges and starry nights. For two hours we could forget the challenges of Covid, lockdown, working from home and immersing ourselves in your world of creativity and achievement.”

Go book your session today at and start your #helpingmymentalhealth journey!


Who doesn’t love a good DIY?

Dopamine is that chemical associated with the reward centre of your brain. Our DIY kits are perfect for seeing your product transform from nothing to a picture-perfect piece!

And who loves that happy buzz you get from making something yourself? This buzz allows your brain to start associating certain activities with the production of the happy hormones, this then helps to pull you out of a slump and start to build motivation again.

Go to our website and order a DIY kit and start your #helpingmymentalhealth journey now.


Embroidery is a very special craft; it releases neurotransmitters that promote joy and well-being. While also reducing stress hormones, therefore reduces anxiety.

Lottie Lou Lee (@lottieloulee) produces a unique and fun form of embroidery, Punch Needling. Punch needling is related to rug hooking and unlike normal embroidery, instead of stitching through fabric, it pushes the yarn into the fabric, while the needle stays on one side.

If you’re looking for a craft that is high on the satisfying rating, this is the one for you.

Head over to @lottieloulee ‘s Instagram to order yourself a beginners kit and get going on your #helpingmymentalhealth journey now.


What a beautiful craft! One that will definitely impress your guests. This piece was produced by a small business owner Ivy and Jones (@ivy.and.jones)

Macrame involves tying knots and is known to strengthen your hands and forearms. The actions of tying knots has a calming effect on the mind and body. The repetitive action also has a loosening effect on your joints; helping to relax and ease your body. This motion has a similar effect to knitting by helping the person doing the movement to reach a meditative state; calming you and helping to regulate and control anxiety.

Macramé also becomes a gorgeous decorative piece to add to your home, you can produce such an array of products, e.g.plant hangers, jar holders and tassel drapes, to necklaces and earrings.

Macranova (@macranova) sell the perfect kits to get you going with your macramé journey, look how cute this DIY kit is!! Why not use this to get you on the road of #helpingmymentalhealth?

Ready, Set, GO!

Go get started on your journey of #helpingmymentalhealth. Make sure to us the hashtag #helpingmymentalhealth and tag us @nikkitapdesigns in any of your accomplishments.

Can't wait to see how you all get along.

Check back soon for more :)

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