Reclaimed Cushioned TV / Lap Tray

Reclaimed Cushioned TV / Lap Tray


Reclaimed laptray made from reclaimed wood, metal handles and a cushioned base. Handmade in our workshop and studio in Northamptonshire. 


Our laptrays are finished with a danish oil to protect the timber, the base fabric (cotton mix) is grey with small spots and stars. The base is filled with bean bag filler and secured with industrial upholstery pins. 




52cm (total length including handles), 45cm (long excluding handles), 34cm wide. 

Plate Space: 33cm x 34cm. 


If you have bespoke requests for dimensions and fabric type please do get in touch. 


Terms, Conditions and Care

Grain details and colouring may differ between trays due to the nature of the material used. Some reclaimed woods are darker and more rustic. Please expect knots, curves, irregular shapes and imperfections, it is what makes them so beautiful.


Some trays may consist of fewer or more boards, depending on the material available. We will always do our best to get the same dimensions for each product, however due to the nature of the materials used, each laptray may vary slightly. 



Wipe down after use use with a cloth. 

Do not store near a direct source of heat.

Do not dishwasher. 

Not suitable for machine washing.