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Easy Ways To Update Your Home From Nikkita Palmer Designs

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

As we continue to spend yet more time at home, we are all feeling the need to freshen it up a bit! With trends forever changing and our instagram feeds packed full of Iusty interiors, its easy to feel lost with how to get the look. But it doesn't have to be difficult, cost a lot of money or time! We've put together a few of our favourite easy tips to freshen up your home and get you sharing it all over your social feeds and zoom calls!

Go Green!

We all long to be a crazy plant lady right? But plants don't just create beautiful aesthetics, they're also really good for our health and well-being, with biophillic design studies showing they increase factors like productivity, something we could all do with a bit more of in January and especially as we all continue to work from home! Plants are great for accessorising any room, and if you can keep them alive (unlike me), we suggest going all out, embrace those jungle vibes! If you're looking for the best advice, lusty imagery and top tips on looking after your green babies, head on over and follow @greenfingeredboy , he is also wonderful at suggesting plants that will live in your environment and within your level of plant caring ability (mine is very low). If you're not on Instagram, head on over to Rafael's website and blog and sign up to his newsletter for more green fingered top tips! Rafael also has some brand new Terrarium kits on his etsy which are great for those of you who don't know where to start, or to bring a bit of creativity to home schooling!

Shop Here: DIY Terrarium Kits

If you're looking for inventive ways to display your plants, check out our herb planter step by step tutorial in our book Pallet Style or our boho pallet planter shelf blog tutorial!

Fabulous Feature Walls!

Redecorating a whole room definitely is not easy and always comes with that instant "what have I started" feeling. But feature walls aren't quite so daunting yet still make a huge impact. Feature walls can be created with both paint or wallpaper and we say 'go bold or go home' with pattern and colour. We love this moody blue number from one of our furniture customers, it works great with the natural wood and touch of green from the plants. It is also a good way to break up open plan interiors like this one. While you're at it, why not have a little shift around with the furniture too, this is always a great way to create an interior fresh feeling!

Photo by @victoriagarden | Shelf from our bespoke range

Gallery Wall Goodness!

We absolutely LOVE a gallery wall here at NPD and have attempted a (much smaller) version on our narrowboat home. But there is some gallery walls that just stop me in my scrolling tracks! Not only do I love a quote, but I adore how eclectic a gallery wall can become. A collection of individual artwork, trinkets and finds, each piece giving away a little piece of the homes personality. We say, go for it and make it yours. Be brave and incorporate new and old, personal artwork, inherited frames, photographs, wall decor and more. There are no rules here and your creation will really give way to making your space more personal. We absolutely love @melaniejadedesign and her gallery wall goodness, she also has a rather lovely little reel over on her instagram to show you how to get started! If you love all things interior, social media and blogging, you must check out her website and blog, however be prepared to get lost in hours of reading and Inspo, it is one of our favs! If you're looking for artwork to get you started, take a look at Pearl and Clover with her gorgeous hand finished designs! @pearlandclover

Shelfie Goals!

We all need more storage right? And shelves are a great way to display those pieces that don't deserve to be shoved, with quick arm motion, into those bulging cupboards. Embrace the pieces that you love within your home and display them in interesting and inventive ways. Shelves come in such a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs depending on what you're wanting to show off. Mix up the styles to suit rooms and decor. Also, don't be shy with what goes where. Mix up objects to vary textures and shapes to create interest and vocal points within the room. This is also a great way to display those plants we mentioned earlier.

We have a range of shelves available to personalise via our online shop. Or if DIY is your thing, take a look at our book Pallet Style where we have several shelf step by step guides!

Photo by @victoriagarden | Shelf from our bespoke range

Awesome Upcycling!

As you know, we're all about up cycling here at NPD HQ and my fondest life memories are of me in a skip, auction or farm sale finding treasure in other peoples trash! Upcycling can be a really fun thing to get your teeth in too (warning, it may well become addictive) and will have you searching your four walls for what you can turn your hand to next! We always encourage others to embrace the different techniques and processes, and with such a wide variety now available from your local DIY store there really is no excuse to turn those tired pieces into sassy salvage. On the note of sass, if you're a lover of upcycling and want to take it a step further, you must check out Muck N Brass 'Luxecycling'! Zoe goes above and beyond to create the best and most stunning pieces from otherwise trash laying around the house. Be inspired and follow step by step tutorials on her YouTube channel, social media feed and website.

Photo by @mucknbrass

Heavenly Handles!

If you want to switch things up but aren't down with getting the whole craft store out, changing handles on cupboards and doors is a really easy, yet clever way of upcycling to add some style to your home. We are obsessed with Alaynashome collection of heavenly handles which combine a range of beautiful materials, geometry and processes. And I warn you now, this website will have you reaching for your purse and hiding homeware purchases from husbands for DAYYYSSS...

Photo by @alaynashome

For more hints, tips, loves and finds, follow us on all of our social platforms!

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