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An Elopement Experience

As the way in which weddings are happening is uncertain and continually changing, why not opt for the more intimate and intense feel that an elopement brings. Here's some inspiration that we created in collaboration with a range of amazing small businesses, in the misty hills of the Lake District.

This gorgeous graze board works wonderfully on our low level picnic tables, creating the ultimate grazing goals and perfect intimate set up!

The elegant floral arrangements add a natural, boho element to these photos, along with the lovely spread,

which we're a huge fan of in our

Having the Lake District as this shoot's location makes it stand out, in terms of both the uniqueness of the setting itself, and in the romantic, close mood that it creates. The mist of the hills and the rainy showers the team experienced didn't dull the atmosphere of this dreamy set up and obvious connection between the couple.

The fine details in this shoot is what makes it so unique and intimate, such as the florals on the tambourine, a refreshing take on a modern floral hoop. Along with the male model's peach, more relaxed suit, and the female model's ivory, crocheted lace seperates, making the overall mood feel very contemporary, with the couple's love for each other radiating through each shot.

The low level, reclaimed picnic table , vegetable spread and floral arrangements, creates a classy combo that ties the models, the location, and the camper van together, completing the boho, natural and informal aesthetic.

Head over to Rock My Wedding to see more of this amazing elopement inspiration:

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