Reclaimed Rustic Dark Wood Lanterns

Reclaimed Rustic Dark Wood Lanterns


Rustic dark wood lanterns made from reclaimed wood. 

Three size variations available.  Please note that within the size brackets, measurements may differ depending on the reclaimed material available. Some lanterns are more square or long, chunkier and skinnier and we do not specify width and depth measurements, each one is unique. if you have a specific requiments then please do pop us a message. Grain details and colouring may differ between lanterns due to the nature of the material used. Some reclaimed woods are darker and more rustic. Please expect knots, curves, irregular shapes and imperfections, it is what makes them so beautiful. 


Lanterns can be used outside but it is recommended that you varnish once a year and store during winter / bad weather. 


We reccomend that you use battery opperated church candles for the best effect. Please note, lanterns are not supplied with candles. Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for any damage or injury caused from the use or misuse of real candles within this product.


Lanterns can be collected from our workshop. If you require shipping then please add this onto the transaction once you have completed your shopping. This item is made to order. 


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