DIY Reclaimed Leaning Christmas Tree Kit

DIY Reclaimed Leaning Christmas Tree Kit


DIY Reclaimed Leaning Christmas Tree Kit


Our DIY craft kits are perfect for anyone wanting to get creative at home. With this one you can create your own rustic Christmas tree to give your porch or living spaces a festive feel.


All of the wood in our DIY kits is reclaimed, usually from pallets, so it's also a great gift for anyone trying to have a more sustainable and plastic free Christmas.


The finished product is designed to lean against a wall but can also be hung (wall fixings not included).


What you will get in this kit:

Reclaimed Pallet Wood (cut to size and sanded)

Pin Nails

Wood Glue

Sand Paper

Danish Oil

Step By Step Guide to create your tree (with images)


You will need at home:

A Pencil

A Tape Measure

A Hammer

A Cloth or Brush (for oiling)

A Sanding Block (optional)

A Dust Mask

A Clamp (optional)


Your finished Christmas Tree will be approximately 80cm tall and 70cm wide (at the widest point), depending on the material and pallet boards available. If you require a specific measurement please do get in touch. 


Our kits are sent through the post, and will include a step by step guide with images for those of you who are more visual. This is the perfect way to create reclaimed, eco-friendly accessories without the work of sourcing, dismantling, de-nailing and cutting your pallets.


We will be using recycled packaging and containers where possible in our kits, this will include recycled newspaper and recycled containers (e.g. jam jars), please continue by recycling after you’ve used them.


Check out the step by step tutorial on our blog! 

Add our book Pallet Style (signed) for £15: