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Why Go Out Out When You Can Stay In In?!

I think it's safe to say that, at some point during lock down, we have all found ourselves wanting to get all dressed up and go out. As lock down begins to ease,let's not forget the simple happiness that being able to stay in brings, whether that means staying in your pyjamas until whatever hour of the day ,a date night, a girls night or a stay at home with the pets night. Why not have a go at some of these stay at home ideas we have put together alongside the best small and local businesses.

A Virtual Pub Quiz

When it comes to quizzes,whether they take place virtually or face to face, to me it feels as though they're never quite complete without an argument over who won, and being washed down with a nice, cold beer. We can't provide the argument, but we can recommend Beerfly's delivery packages of award winning ales, beers and ciders.

Have a Baking Banquet!

Feel like channelling your inner Mary Berry? You could always try out the bottled baking co's glass bottles filled with all the ingredients you need for a variety of delicious baked goods. If you would rather spread the love, why not look at delivering them to one of your local care homes, or having a bake sale (complying with social distancing rules of course) for a local charity

Glorious Grazing

If you're craving more of a grazing, try the gourmet dinner ladies amazing grazing packages, the perfect partner to our serving trays, that can be brought up cycled, rustic and ready to go, but are also available as a DIY kit! Or you could add in our stay at home picnic for the ultimate night in.

Why Not Try A DIY Pizza Night?

Fancy putting your culinary skills to the test and having a go at making some homemade pizzas? Easy and fun for the whole family, and a perfect pair to any of the items from our rustic food board range, including our reclaimed,vintage food risers. Of course, if you're not up for having a go yourself, there's always the local delivery option.These are just a few of our favourite kits and local delivery services: - If you're in or around the Shoreham area Delivery only in the London and Oxford area, but kits are available nationwide!

A DIY Cinema

Who doesn't love a movie night? While the cinemas are closed, if you're missing the big screen, the occasion bar co , offer an amazing, unique cinema to hire. Lovely for the whole family! If you're just getting the party started, the kids have gone to bed, and you're looking for something fruity to flush down the film with, this company also offers a range of classy cocktail packages and boxes.

A Homefest

If dancing the night away sounds right up your street, maybe our festival box is the thing for you! Or maybe our DIY reclaimed directional sign, and DIY reclaimed photo-booth frame is more your style? All of these upcycled bits can be found on our shop. To finish off the homefest look, why not throw in colourful homefest wristbands and VIP passes? You could make your own or purchase them pre-made, we're loving these ones! To finish it all off in true festival style, you could hire some tents to collapse into ,exhausted at the end of the night. Funky monkey tents are one of our favourites, available to hire!

A Pamper Moment!

And last, but by no means least, for the ideal next day recovery, we highly recommend Lords and Ladies' skincare treatment packages, available for delivery. If a bubble bath is how you recover, have a look at our range of reclaimed bath boards ,ideal as a finishing touch to your beautiful bath,alongside the soy wax hand poured candles, also available on our website. If it's a handmade, gorgeous, collapsible makeup bag to store all your skincare bits in that you're looking for, then look no further! Sew Wat Threads, sews beautiful handmade,reversible and 100% cotton makeup bags, in a variety of patterns, perfect for storing all the bits and bobs needed for a hangover revival, available to order to your choice of pattern!

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