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Wedding Day Decor Planning You Can't Overlook + FREE Wedding Day Decor Checklist!

Planning a wedding? It can be both overwhelming and daunting when there is so much to do and remember. We meet couples daily who have overlooked elements of the day, but do not fear, that's why we are here! We've seen and worked on a huge amount of wedding decor projects and we know the key elements to consider and plan. Right down to the florals on the card & gift station, we have your back. Check out our blog below for a bunch of lust-worthy images and hints, tips and reminders when it comes to planning your wedding. AND... you don't even need to take notes, we have created a FREE downloadable and printable Wedding Day Decor Checklist just for you, click on the button below to get yours and start planning the best day ever!

Ceremony Decor

This is the first element of your day your guests will see, so you want to make a memorable and lasting impact. Remember to consider things like seating and backdrops!

Don't follow what everyone else does, having unique taste will make it personal and memorable for everyone!

Photo By Sam Bennett Photography | Our Hire Range: Retro backdrop , ceremony seating

Welcoming Drinks

You'll want your guests to be entertained while you have your photos taken. Consider how long your welcome drinks will be. Where will the guests sit? Are you or the venue providing the bar and drinks?

Lots of small things to consider but don't be overwhelmed. The drinks don't have to be fancy, they're just to loosen people up ready to dance later on!

Photo by GourmandPixels | Our Hire Range: Whiskey Barrel Bar

Cards/Gift Station and Guest Book

All of our couples assume that because they haven't asked for gifts that they won't get any. From experience, you will always receive at least one saucepan or kitchen appliance/acccessory (sorry).

Therefore its key not to forget a card and gift station for when your guests want somewhere to unload their offerings (saves stress on the day).

If you're worried about making it look like you are expecting gifts then make a little sign saying cards station with a little extra space for gifts to be left as well.

Photo by Aaron Collett Photo

p.s. It's worth considering security. Although all the guests will be trusted family and friends, do remember some of the cards could have money in them!

Memory Wall

This is a unique touch we've often seen and created. Memory walls can be used to display past-times from the couple as well as honour any people who couldn't make it to the special day. It can be a really styled area to fill in any gaps and create a beautiful focal and conversation point.

Photo by Aaron Collett Photo

Table Plan and Name Places

Table plans are often over looked by our couples as they focus on other key decor areas. You want to make this individual and unique to you as a couple.

We've had couples label tables after places they've been together, or numbers that are significant to them, or even pet/animal names.

Photo by Sam Bennett Photography

Reception/ Wedding Breakfast

This is a big impact moment, it brings all the styles and ideas of the day together. Really consider each piece going into the room. How do you want your tables laid out? Do you want long trestle tables or round tables? If you're having table centrepieces, consider how high they will be, do your guests need to see each other? Consider what food options you're having. If you're having sharing platters then you will need to leave space within decor for those.

Photo by Thyme Lane Photography | Our Hire Range: Reclaimed Trestle Tables & Vintage Mismatch Chairs

Cake Table

Cake tables are a huge focal point for photos. Consider what your cake will be, is it a tiered cake? Or is it cupcakes? Or is it a desert station? Then you'll need to work out how you can style with that choice. Height is a really good factor to include with the use of crates, trays, platters and suspended displays.

Photo by Sam Bennett Photography | Our Hire Range: Moroccan Side Table

Dance Floor

Couples often assume its just a dance floor, but it's nice to add (especially in DIY venues) lighting options, or more decor alternatives. Have a think about what your venue offers and how you want it to look? Can you suspend from the ceiling or maybe create 'alternative' shoe stations for the ladies in heels.

Photo by Emily Little Photography


Think about who is coming, what ages are they, what do they like, and when will you need the entertainment. You'll need something to keep people occupied during the photos, and throughout the evening as extra things to get people chatting.

Examples of things to include (that'll add the wow factor too); outdoor/indoor games, kids chill out areas, and a Photo Booth.

None of these have to be pricey. It can be an inexpensive way to add a special touch to the day and any adults bringing a youngster will thank you, in fact you'll probably find they're most popular with the big kids among your guests!