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Top 5 Halloween Crafting Creations

As Halloween is going to be looking a little different this year, why not go all out, but inside?! With the possibility of a second lockdown on the horizon, getting crafty and creative in the comfort of your own home seems like a safer, warmer alternative to the usual trick and treating antics!

1.Perfectly Painted Pumpkins!

Carving pumpkins is SO last year, so why not try drawing and/or painting them instead?

At Nikkitapdesigns HQ, we particularly love these ones by Theresa Gromski, although our pumpkin drawing skills are not quite up to her standards! Follow & check out Theresa's lovely little reel and lusty imagery for some inspo on her Instagram!

2. Chunky Tassel Ghosts!

Not only are these a mega effective decoration that will have the insta followers swooning for days, they are also a great way to use up scraps in the sewing / fabric box. Because lets be honest, us craft types don't go throwing things away too often! Go big for impact or small for sweet little mantlepiece garlands! The lovely ApricotPolkadot has not only given us this fab idea but only gone and made a step by step guide AND YouTube video to follow! What a treat! P.s. Sound on for super spooky sound effects!

3. Pumpkin Ice Buckets!

This idea is amazingly unique and quirky, two words that we love, so of course these pumpkin ice buckets from Lynne Lambourne are our type of Halloween craft! Fill the pumpkin with any beverage of your choice, alcoholic or not! Although there's nothing wrong with classic Halloween decorations, seeing as this year isn't quite what it usually is, why not switch up your décor as well?! These will also work great to dress your halloween table but with an added practical element! Extra points for anyone who makes a pumpkin bowl cocktail! (we wanna see pics @nikkitapdesigns)

Photo credit & idea from: lynnelambourne ,

4. Wicked Wooden Ghosts!

These wooden ghosts are so effective and simple. These can be made with pallet bearer beams from a two way entry pallet (the beams used to hold the pallet together), more information on this can be found in our book, Pallet Style . This craft creation is great, as it makes use of the bearer beams (usually the part of the pallet that is discarded), can be used inside and out, and they don't have to be a ghost, it could be any Halloween character of your choosing! If you're struggling to find a two way entry pallet, use the blocks from a euro pallet instead for a smaller version. Switch it up with various colours, shapes and sizes for the best halloween display on the street.

5. Spider Web Dream Catchers

Another amazingly spooky idea from Apricot Polkadot, these spiders web dream catchers will look great on the door or hanging from the trees (try glow in the dark yarn!) and are another great way to use offcuts. They also look super beautiful, meaning that after halloween you can remove the spiders and add some flowers for an all year round project! Follow the step by step guide on Apricot Polkadot website or check out the YouTube video of course with more marvelous music!

If you love a DIY project, check out our very own book Pallet Style for 20 creative projects at home or head on over to our DIY kit shop where you can purchase your own kit to create at home !

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