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The Girl Boss Directory: Ivy and Jones | Handmade Macrame + Colourful Home Decor

Ivy & Jones is a new, lockdown driven small creative business and we love what she's been up to whilst staying home! Her colourful and intricate macrame hangings and homewares are craft perfection! Shop more of Lucy's beautiful pieces via the links at the bottom of the page and don't forget to join our Girl Boss Directory Online Market on 21st - 22nd November for more macrame and beautiful handmade, girl boss goodness:

Tell us about yourself, what do you do and how do you do it? I make colourful macramé wall hangings and home décor. Although I've always been creative and good at crafts - the more fiddly the better - I'd never tried macramé until shopping for a wall hanging left me thinking 'I bet I could make that'. I was so happy with the outcome and surprised at how easy I found it. I decided to see what I could make with the leftover cord and I've been ordering it by the kilo ever since! I'd love to have my own studio one day but for now I've taken over the spare room with dowels, hoops and a whole rainbow of cord.

What inspired you to start your own business? Like many I started making in lockdown as a way to keep myself sane, and after the fourth or fifth person asked if I'd be selling my work I decided to go for it. It was so much fun playing around with branding and working out future product ranges, even the thought of setting up a big spreadsheet to plan and track everything was exciting (although that's probably just me). What is the best bit about being your own boss? I still have a lot to learn but so far I've loved having the freedom to make my own decisions and work out which direction to take the business and brand in. Seeing my creations take pride of place on the walls of people's homes and businesses is amazing. On a personal level, having a creative outlet in these crazy times has been invaluable.

What challenges do you face with having your own business? Making things quick enough! I do sometimes wish I'd picked a craft where things can be made in batches and I haven't been brave enough to ask my other half to lend a hand on the production line yet - maybe we'll end up setting one up for Christmas tree decorations in the next few weeks!  Best piece of advice anyone ever gave you? One thing that does stick in my mind is to have faith in your product and what you're doing, not everyone is your customer and that's OK. Your favourite product from your collection? The small sunshine wall hanging is my favourite, closely followed by the matching bunting. 

Your favourite small business?  Excluding the other featured Girl Bosses in the interest of sharing the love: Hannah Bunn Illustrations (@hannah_bunn or Hannah Bunn Illustrations on Facebook) Hannah is a Bristol based artist who does beautifully detailed illustrations of buildings and personalised map commissions. She also helps run the bin painting team at Glastonbury! The Shhh! Experience (@theshhhexperience Sarah, Maya & team create entertaining theatre experiences which immerse you into the centre of the action by removing the stage and drawing you in as part of the story. Specialising in theatre in non-theatre spaces, their Shhh… shows have been found in pubs, halls, hotels, outdoors, music venues and even on a train! Advice for other women looking to be their own girl boss?  There's such an incredible community of makers, creatives and small business owners/girl bosses out there sharing tips and supporting each other, so I guess - find your people and go for it!

See more and shop Ivy & Jones below:

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