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Girl Boss Directory: White Cottage

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

With our online makers market around the corner we have one more makers interview for you, and what a perfect way to spend the afternoon than to read through this loveliness from White Cottage. We love everything about this brand and the way they have diversified this year has been truly inspiring.

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Tell us about yourself, what do you do and how do you do it? I'm Kelly and along with my husband, we run White Cottage; graphic designers by day, stationery addicts by night, designing and making stationery, banner flags and prints from our garden studio in the Northamptonshire countryside .

What inspired you to start your own business?

After pinning the life out of our wedding plans, we found that the kind of style we were seeking mainly hailed from the US and Australia. So we took action! Armed with a fine art degree, a combined 35 years design experience, a dedication to the cause bordering on the obsessive and a lifetime of doodling on the back of school books, notepads and beer mats, we create stationery and gifts that look rad and that can be bought in the UK.

What is the best bit about  being your own boss?

Major adulting, but the flexibility as a parent is easily the best bit. We never miss a school assembly, craft project or early school pick up, it's brilliant.

What challenges do you face with having your own business?

As our entire household income comes from White Cottage, the pressure really is on to pay those bills and this year has particularly highlighted this. White Cottage has been running for the best part of ten years and has supported us both full time for five. For the last six of those years, we've pretty much only focussed on wedding stationery and so when the wedding business pretty much dried up overnight thanks to Covid, we were put and are still in a really scary position. We've pivoted at lightning speed with The White Cottage Edit, to launch a non-wedding second business and a range of banners, prints and gifts. 'Flags for Life!', the strapline probs needs a bit of work... 😂

Best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

Honestly, I can't think of any! We didn't take any business advice when we started White Cottage and to say we did anything other than bumble through for the large part of it, would be a lie. We were lucky that our style is unique and there was always a good demand for it. However, since 2020 blew up our business, we have needed to be more structured in our business approach and for the first time ever, have a plan! I wouldn't say we quite have a plan yet, but it's getting there 😄

Your favourite product from your collection?

Our mini flags are TOO CUTE. The Santa Stop Here minis are particularly darling.

Your favourite small business?  My friend Lauren is the most brilliant calligrapher, author and all round lovely human. You can check her out at Advice for other women looking to be their own girl boss?  Don't overthink it. If I'd overthought any of the pinnacle moments in White Cottage history, White Cottage probably wouldn't exist today. Weigh up the options, calculate the effects of each of those options and then go with your gut. You might fall, but what if you fly?! 

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