Furniture & Prop Hire Booking Form

It is your responsibility to check all the details in the booking form are complete and accurate, as this is the document we work to when completing your order.

Please note we require both a signed booking form and your 50% deposit to finalise the booking.


Payment of your deposit enters you into a contractual agreement between you and Nikkita Palmer Designs for the hire of items / the sale of bespoke products and the use of Nikkita Palmer Designs services. Your deposit is non-refundable so do ensure you have read and understood all Terms & Conditions before payment.

By submitting this booking form you confirm that you agree to all of the terms and conditions outlined below and that these now form the basis of our contractual agreement.

Thanks For Booking!

Terms and Conditions


Please read ALL of our terms and conditions, each section applies to ALL items hired. 



Hire Period:

  • During the period of hire, the hirer is solely responsible for the hired goods and must insure against all risk.

  • All orders are for the single event stated.

  • Any extensions to your hire period must be confirmed with Nikkita Palmer Designs prior to the event, extensions may result in additional charges.

  • Nikkita Palmer Designs are not responsible for the late arrival of guests or a late start to your event. Any extensions of your hire period will be charged for and are only possible if the goods are available in the extended time required.

  • The hired items shall, at all times, remain the property of Nikkita Palmer Designs.

  • Due to the nature of some of the hire items there may be a compulsory setup and pack down
    charge included.

  • Venue walk arounds and viewings are charged at an additional cost and are not included in your hire. Please enquire to get a quote with your venue location and requirements. 


Delivery and Collection:

  • Our delivery service comes at an additional cost dependent on the quantity of items hired and the distance for delivery. This will always be quoted/discussed during the booking of your items.

  • Nikkita Palmer Designs will always make every effort to deliver/collect the hire goods at the agreed specific time, however, it will not, under any circumstances, accept liability for any expenses borne by the customer for any delay in delivery or collection.

  • In the unlikely event that we will be delayed later than one hour of your delivery/collection slot, we will always call the main contact for the hire.

  • Unsociable hours delivery/collection may result in additional charges (before 9am - after 6pm)

  • On delivery, access must be relayed to Nikkita Palmer Designs prior to the event and booking so that we can arrange an appropriate team for delivery. 

  • There must be a sufficient space at the entrance of the event location in order for Nikkita Palmer Designs to unload the hire goods safely.

  • Photos, videos or a venue plan must be provided as appropriate to show the access route from point of delivery (i.e. closest vehicle access point) to the set up location. This ensures we can plan in enough staff and equipment to get items into place within the time required.

  • Any fields, hills, lifts or stairs must be discussed with Nikkita Palmer Designs prior to delivery, failing to do so may result in additional charges.

  • If acceptable access is not given and relayed prior to the event, Nikkita Palmer Designs remains the right to refuse to deliver the goods with no refund given. Unsuitable access can cause damage to the hired items and these damages will be charged for if they occur.

  • Deliveries and collections deemed unsafe by our staff can be refused without refund. 

  • Upon receipt of the items, the customer must inspect all items. In the event of shortage or damage, it is the customer's responsibility to highlight this at the time of delivery. If the customer fails to do this, the items will be deemed to have been delivered in a clean and undamaged condition. If there is no-one to check the items on delivery, they will be deemed to have been delivered in a clean and undamaged condition.

  • The customer agrees to return the items/ prepare the items for collection in the same condition they were delivered, at the time period agreed. Failure to return/prepare the items on time will result in an additional charge.

  • Some items will be delivered/collected in secure/appropriate packaging. Items should be returned to us in this same packaging to avoid damage during transportation. Failure to do this will result in an additional charge to cover packaging replacement and damage costs.

  • The Hirer must ensure that any obstructions to the site are removed before Nikkita palmer Designs arrives. This includes plants, vehicles and other materials such as. Nikkita palmer Designs reserves the right to apply a discretionary surcharge if obstructions prevent work from commencing. Any obstructions which cause delivery and/or collection from being unsafe for our staff will be denied without refund. 


Collection and drop off:

  • If arranged prior to the event, some of our hire items can be collected/returned from our workshop at an agreed time and date.

  • Items must be transported in a safe and secure manner to avoid damage/loss of goods. Failure to do this will result in additional damage charges.

  • When collecting and returning to our workshop, the hirer should insure all items for transportation. 



  • All hired goods are the responsibility of the hirer whilst in their possession. We strongly advise that you obtain suitable insurance for all items hired from Nikkita Palmer Designs.

  • The Hirer must consider and is responsible for making suitable arrangements for access for people with disabilities and emergency services.

  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to complete and maintain a risk assessment for all hired items throughout the duration of the hire period. 



  • Damages and loss will be charged for at a minimum of three times the hire price of the goods. Larger items such as (but not limited to) tables and benches will be subject to a higher charge depending on the damage caused and current market price. 

  • Additional charges will be invoiced and are payable within 7 working days. Damage costs will be applied in respect of the time taken to repair the damage. If items are beyond repair or lost, items will be charged at the current market rate as well as for future losses of hire.

  • All hire items are for indoor use only, unless stated otherwise or previously arranged when booking.

  • A lot of our props and items are of a vintage nature, any damages to these will be charged for accordingly.

  • Soft furnishings such as (but not limited to) cushions, throws, rugs and sofa's should be respected and it is the customers responsibility to inform their guests of appropriate use. Any heavy staining or markings which were not present when the hire was received will be charged for in terms of cleaning costs required to remove the stains and markings. Any items beyond cleaning or repair will be charged for as above. 


  • The stock must be stored securely, especially on occasions where goods are hired over night. All lost or stolen items will be charged for, including loss of hire and damages.

  • Any goods hired for a public space must be accompanied by the hirer at all times. The goods are the hirers responsibility at all times during the hire period. It is the hirers responsibility to get permission and guidance from any councils or bodies with regards to the public space being used. Any penalties and fines obtained during the hire period from the use or misuse of a public space are the responsibility of the you (the hirer).  



  • All goods will be supplied in a clean, ready to use condition.

  • All items must be returned in an equally clean condition.

  • Failure to return items in a clean condition will result in an additional charge. 

  • Please removed red wine, water marks or candle wax from all tables before returning.

  • Excessive staining will be charged for.

  • We do not provide a rubbish removal service, please remove all rubbish before the hire is to be collected. Any rubbish we have to remove is subject to an additional charge. 

  • Any bodily fluids from either humans or animals visible or present on any Nikkita Palmer Designs props, furniture or stock will result in an additional charge and cleaning fee. 


Electrical hire goods:

  • Our light up shapes and letters will be delivered and collected by Nikkita Palmer Designs. You as the customer will need to give prior instructions on location of the letters, these are not permitted to be moved once in place.

  • All electrical items will be PAT tested. Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility of any electrical damage or fault during your hire period.

  • Any damage to electrical goods, electrical components or bulbs will be charged for accordingly and in line with our terms and conditions.

  • No guests should lean, hang or play with the electrical goods or light up letters. 

  • The light bulbs will be hot, it is your responsibility to inform your guests of this.

  • Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for any damage to anyone or anything with regards to electrical items or any other hire product.

  • We recommend you take out appropriate event insurance and to include all electrical and non electrical items.

  • It is your responsibility to include all electrical items in the risk assessment and to maintain this throughout the hire period. 

  • It is your responsibility as the customer to ensure the lights and electrical items are turned off and on at appropriate times and should not be left on for excessive amounts of time (i.e. overnight) as this increases the risk of overheating.

  • Light up letters should never be placed in the centre of an open room as this creates a trip hazard, or where letters are likely to be knocked or fall due to movement around them.

  • Nikkita palmer Designs does not provide any cable management or covers. 

  • It is your responsibility as the customer to provide any cable coverage you deem necessary for health and safety of your guests.

  • No electrical items should be left outside or in a damp or uncovered conditions.


Tents, Structures & Installations: 

  • The Hirer (or any unauthorised persons) should not enter the equipment whilst it is being erected. 

  • The Hirer should keep any part of  a tent completely closed and secure while not in use during the period of Hire. The tent / structure should never be left unaccompanied in a public or open space. 

  •  The Hirer should not tamper with the structure or any part of the equipment. Any concerns should be relayed to Nikkita Palmer Designs immediately. 

  • The Hirer should not use any lighting, heating, cooking or other gas or electrical appliances of any kind, other than what is provided, inside the Company’s tents without the previous consent in writing of the Company.  No cooking or use of gas appliances of any kind should be used inside the Company’s tents.

  • The Hirer is responsible for any damage and loss caused to the equipment regardless of culpability, the Hirer will be liable for all costs associated with any damage caused. 

  • No animals are allowed inside the Company’s tents, without the previous consent in writing of the Company.

  • No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the tents / structures or within 5 meters of the tent / structure.

  • The Hirer agrees that the Company, its Agents, Officers or Employees, accept no liability for any personal injury or damage to any persons or property suffered during the period of your usage. 

  • Barbecue equipment or open fires outside are to be placed a minimum of 5 meters from the tent or structure and not left unattended whilst in use.

  • The hirer will be responsible for any additional costs incurred to the company as a result of any booked equipment not being able to be erected/laid due to incorrect measurements, varying height levels or undisclosed site complications of which the company were not informed in writing.

  • The hirer will be responsible for any costs incurred by the company due to changes being requested once the erecting of tents has begun.

  • All tents and structures owned by Nikkita Palmer Designs must be erected and dismantled by a member of the team. 

  • Our 5m star bell tent requires 7m of flat grassed ground. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure that there is enough space and an easy access for the tents to be erected. 

  • We cannot pitch our structures on astro turf, patios, gravel etc.  Ensure the site is flat, level and firm grassed area. The company has the right to refuse to erect the equipment if the site is unsuitable without refund.

  • No candles or naked flames allowed inside tents. All naked flames to be within 5 meters of the structure at all times.

  • The hirer should provide the company with a plan showing the position required for the equipment or have a representative on site at the time of delivery for this purpose. In the absence of such instruction the company shall position the equipment in the manner and location deemed appropriate by the company at that time.

  • It is the hirers responsibility to inform the company of any services, drains, pipes, cables or other obstacles that may affect the site. The company has no responsibility for damage to pipes, cables and underground services whose location was unknown to the company.

  • If the hirer requires erected equipment to be moved for any reason, other than the fault of the company, there will be an additional charge levied.

  • The hirer shall not tamper with any structure or any part of the equipment and, in particular, not affix or suspend any items from the equipment without prior written consent from the company.

  • Electrical supplies / extension leads should not be left within the tent. 

  • All dog or animal mess must be clear from the site before the tent or structure is erect. 

  • Placement of tents on grass may affect the grass condition once removed, Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility or liability for the condition of the grass once the tent is removed. 

  • The centre pole of the bell tent is a strictly a structural element and must never be used to hang, lean, swing or dance. Any damage caused to the bell tent will be charged for. 

  • Any bodily fluids from either humans or animals visible or present on or within the tents or structures or any other Nikkita Palmer Designs props will result in an additional charge and cleaning fee. 


Sweet/ Vintage Cart:

  • Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for number of guests present and using the sweet cart.

  • Children should always supervised by a responsible adult when using the sweet cart.

  • Our sweet cart is lovingly handmade using vintage cart wheels, the cart must not be moved
    once in place by any guests or persons during the hire period.

  • Any movement of the sweet cart during the hire period is strictly no responsibility of Nikkita Palmer Designs and we hold no liability for any damage caused.



  • Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility in the event of bad or extreme weather. The customer is responsible for providing adequate shelter in the event of bad weather at outside events. Any damages caused to goods during any weather conditions will be charged for. Please always advise Nikkita Palmer Designs if you plan to have the goods outdoors and await permission to do so.

  • Goods used outside must always be kept indoors and in a secure and safe location over night.

  • The hire goods are guaranteed for normal weather conditions. Nikkita Palmer Designs takes no responsibility for extreme weather conditions during the hire period. Any damage will be charged for in line with our terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make informed decisions on the use of the props in extreme weather conditions and this should be included and maintained on their own risk assessment.

Health and safety:

  • Please take extra care when lifting and moving the hire goods, due to the nature of the materials used, our goods can be very heavy.

  • Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for injury or damage caused to any persons or goods during the moving of hire goods.

  • We remind you that our furniture is reclaimed, vintage, rustic and antique and that there may be splinters, nails or rustic metal in some of our furniture. If you are unhappy with the condition of the hire goods, this must be made aware upon delivery. Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by the use of our goods.

  • None of our hire goods should be used to stand on or used in an inappropriate manner during hire periods.

  • Always ensure hire goods are set up in an appropriate and safe area to avoid tripping and other injury. Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for placement of hired goods.

  • Games hired from Nikkita Palmer Designs should be played in a correct and safe manner preventing accidents. It is the customers responsibility to inform guests of this.

  • Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult when using the hire goods and Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for any damage or injury caused.

  • It is your (the customers) responsibility to inform your guests of the terms and conditions and to make them aware of their health and safety.

  • In the event of any injuries or damages while you’re in the possession of our stock we (Nikkita Palmer Designs) hold no responsibility or liability for any persons or goods. In receiving this document and paying your deposit/balance you agree to this.

  • The tables are very large and heavy and should always have a minimum of two people when carrying and moving.

  • Never hold the weight of the tables by the legs.

  • Tables and benches must always be erected and collapsed by a member of the Nikkita Palmer Designs team unless otherwise agreed and demonstrated.

  • The folding mechanisms should not be forced shut. Damages to the folding mechanisms will be charged for.

  • Please ensure the support beam is always placed in the centre of the legs to avoid the legs
    collapsing. It is your responsibility to monitor this during the hire period.

  • The Nikkita Palmer Designs team will never work above 4.5 metres high due to insurance purposes. 

  • Nikkita Palmer Designs may required to drill into or attach to existing buildings or structures during the installation of hire goods. Nikkita Palmer Designs takes no responsibility for any damage caused and any restrictions should be relayed to the team prior to the installation. Nikkita Palmer Designs will always make every effort to fill and cover any holes made during installations. 



  • Nikkita Palmer Designs accepts no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by the goods hired.

  • All measurements provided by Nikkita Palmer Designs will be an approximate value.

  • In the unlikely event that items hired might become unavailable they are to be substituted with reasonable and similar goods or to be refunded.

  • All furniture/props is either constructed from naturally occurring products or can be classified as vintage/antique, so most items will vary in shades and consistency. Imagery on the company's website and social media provides a reasonable representation of the furniture hired.

  •  All hire goods must be kept away from sources of ignition or excessive heat. Our goods are not fire resistant.

  • All furniture and props are to be placed on an even and secure ground.

  • In certain circumstances, such as the use of private land, The Hirer is responsible for giving notice to or obtaining permits from any authorities who are or may be concerned and must take application where necessary to the Planning Authority, District Surveyor, Police, Fire Brigade and any similar authority or organisation. Any costs incurred in delays or modifications in the work arising from the absence or misrepresentation of all such necessary permissions and permits shall be payable to the Company by the Hirer. Where appropriate obtain a license from the Local Authority.

  • Venue styling is subjective and whilst Nikkita Palmer Designs will endeavour to translate the vision for your event, they cannot be held responsible if the styling is not exactly as you imagined.

  • Mood boards and sketches are the intellectual property of Nikkita Palmer Designs and cannot be copied or shown to other supplier or business unless you have written agreements from Nikkita Palmer Designs. 

  • Additional maintenance visits and checks (where applicable) will be charged for and quoted per brief. 

  • Maintenance checks include minor changes caused through general use. Breakages and replacements will be charged for on a separate basis.

  • Any third parties (e.g. scaffolding teams, electricians etc) used to construct any structures or installations should have their own risk assessment, terms and insurance policies. It is the hirers responsibility to obtain this separately. 

  • Nikkita Palmer Designs takes no responsibility of any items supplied by third parties whether arranged by our in house teams or not. 



  • It is strongly advised that you obtain suitable insurance for all items hired from Nikkita Palmer Designs and any sub-hired items. All breakages, damages and losses will be charged for accordingly, including charges for loss of hire.


Terms of Payment:

  • A 50% deposit (25% for events the following calendar year) is payable on booking your hire goods. This, along with your signed terms and conditions, reserves your date and covers any material costs. Only once these documents and payment has been received is your booking confirmed.

  • The balance of your hire charge must be paid 4 Weeks prior to the event.

  • If the payment is not received by the date specified this shall be constituted as breach of contract by the client. We reserve the right to hold the order until payment is made in full. When the payment is late, we accept no responsibility should we be unable to purchase the required stock or equipment needed.



If for any reason you need to cancel your hire, you will need to notify the hirer immediately in writing. The booking deposit is non-refundable. Cancellations within four weeks of the event date must be paid for in full. Sub hired items may be subject to different cancellation restrictions.

Nikkita Palmer Designs and any sub hire businesses reserve the right to cancel, vary or suspend the operation of this contract if events occur which are in the nature of force majeure including (without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing): fire, floods, storm, plant breakdown, strike, lock outs, riot, hostilities, pandemic, government guidelines, extreme weather, severe illness or any other event out of the control of Nikkita Palmer Designs and Nikkita Palmer designs shall not be liable for any breach of contract resulting from such event. If your booking is to be cancelled due to the above which are in the nature of force majeure, deposits are non-refundable. In the instance of cancellation where deposits have been paid, the booking can be rescheduled to another date, subject to availability and within 12 months of the original booking. 


Sub Hire:

On occasion it may be necessary to sub hire from other suppliers. In this instance, you will be notified and additional advance payments may be needed for certain sub hire items. Sub hired items may also have an alternative damage deposit and policy to Nikkita Palmer Designs.

Photo Release:

By using Nikkita Palmer Designs hired goods, permission is thereby granted to use images for Nikkita Palmer Designs portfolio and marketing materials e.g. printed brochures, social media or website gallery images. The hired goods will be the main focus of the photographed material and we will never use images of you and your guests without prior permission. 

By accepting confirmation of your order you are accepting our Terms and Conditions. These are the terms to which you will be contracted. No alteration or substitution to the terms and conditions will be valid unless agreed in writing by both parties beforehand.

In line with the EU GDPR laws, Nikkita Palmer Designs will only use your personal data as a means of communication.

If you require a copy of these terms and conditions please request by emailing