Nikkita Palmer Designs holds copyright for all products on this website or those made through Nikkita Palmer Designs. Imitation or resale of any products sold

by Nikkita Palmer Designs is illegal unless discussed and agreed on a wholesale basis. 


Products sold and made by Nikkita Palmer Designs do not come with a warranty, however, we will always do our best to correct any manufacturing or material defaults or defects. We do not accept returns, however, if a return is agreed with Nikkita Palmer Designs, the customer holds full responsibility to cover any return costs. Any non manufacturing faults that need adjusting or changing will be charged for which will be quoted prior to the work being carried out. The initial design process is crucial in our studio and we encourage you to always check drawings, specifications and requirements and to ask questions before the manufacture of your order begins. Once the piece is in the process of being made, any changes will incur additional charges where appropriate. 


In line with the EU GDPR laws set In place on 25th May 2018, Nikkita Palmer Designs will only use your personal data as a means of communication. In the event of a sale or exchange of goods or services, additional data may be required by law, however will always remain secure on our system and only used in relation to the goods in question. Under no circumstances will your personal data be sold, given or handed to any other party or business. You hold the right to request your data to be forgotten, deleted, restricted and/or rectified  at any time. Our mailing list data will only be used for the the information of goods and services from Nikkita Palmer Designs. You hold the right to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time which will result in the removal of your data from our system. 

Invoices and order details are kept for 6 years by law and will be destroyed appropriately after this time. 


Reclaimed wood holds its character through imperfections and we try our best to keep this in our products in the making process as they are seen as aesthetic beauty. We are more than happy to supply images or physical samples to give an idea of surface quality, however, with each piece being unusual and different in terms or colouring and character, physical furniture pieces may vary from samples. 

Reclaimed wood will become more beautiful and tactile with age and use if cared for correctly. 

As a natural product, wood moves with humidity and heat, cracking is natural and not classed as a defect. Depending on the wood used, your product will move and change, this usually happens initially and if exposed to different temperatures and environments. This is not classed as a manufacturing fault and Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for natural changes to your product. 

Colour changes may occur initially, again, this will depend on the environment, temperature, cleaning products used and absorption of any finishing products. 

We work extremely hard in our studio to remove any splits, cracks, splinters, sharp products or nails from the material, however, when working with reclaimed materials, this is the nature of the product. Nikkita Palmer Designs holds no responsibility for any damage or injury caused to any persons, products or goods in the use, moving or misuse of the product. 


Wipe any spills from the wood immediately.


Do not use bleach, heavy chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials on the surface. 


Try to clean the entire surface rather than patches to avoid discolouring. 


Do not leave the furniture in direct heat or sunlight, this will result in shrinking and colour changes. We always suggest you try to keep the furniture at a constant temperature as extreme changes will effect the material. 

Always protect your furniture with coasters and placemats. 

In the initial stages, waxed furniture may take several days / weeks to cure, try to avoid placing items on the surface until completely dry and soaked in, doing so may result in discolouration of goods. 

It is always best to discuss with Nikkita any care techniques and products as it will differ depending on how the piece has been treated in the workshop. Stain removal and the reapplication of finishing treatments is available at an additional cost. 

We always suggest you use furniture floor pads on the base of the furniture to avoid damage to flooring surfaces. 


Payments (deposit or balance) made to Nikkita Palmer Designs confirm that you comply with our terms and conditions with regards to your order. 


Wipe clean with warm, soapy water. 

Do not submerge or soak in water.

Do not dishwasher.

Do not store near a direct source of heat.

Cover the board with a grease proof paper when serving food.